Dendera Zodiac

Font: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most famous Egyptian circular zodiacs is located in the Parisian Louvre Museum since 1828. This archaeological piece was found in the temple of Dendera and it’s dated around year 50 BC. The circle of sky is supported by the four goddesses corresponding to the four cardinal points and eight falcon-headed gods more. Rounding the periphery of the circle we can see the 36 decans and the twelve zodiacal constellations and the planets in the middle. It is possible to distinguish some different constellations:

  1. The Hippopotamus Isis-Daymet in the center of the circle.
  2. A thigh representing the Ursa Major.
  3. A jackal with a bring between them.
  4. Cancer under the thigh.
  5. Leo under the Cancer.
  6. Taurus over the thigh.
  7. Gemini between Leo and Taurus.
  8. A god with two feathers next to Gemini.
  9. Virgo behind Leo.
  10. A little god sitting on a snake just over Leo.
  11. Libra behind Virgo.
  12. A set of three figures over Libra: a falcon-headed god with the solar disk on his head sitting on a throne, a god with his finger in his mouth sitting on a lotus flower and a jackal.
  13. Scorpio under this set of three figures.
  14. Sagittarius behind Scorpius.
  15. A man and a duck between Sagittarius and Capricorn.
  16. Capricorn behind Sagittarius.
  17. An headless animal over Capricorn.
  18. Pisces behind Capricorn.
  19. Aries over Pisces.
  20. A man holding the horns of an animal next to Pisces.
  21. An oryx and a baboon in Aries’ back.
  22. An oudjat between Aries and Pisces.
  23. Two goddesses under Aries.
  24. A goddess holding the legs of a pig inside a circle next to Pisces.
  25. Orion over Taurus and a bird following him.
  26. A cow representing Sirius on a ship.
  27. A falcon between Sirius and Orion.
  28. Satis with a bow and an arrow behind Sirius.
  29. God Anukis behind Satis.
  30. A lion next to Libra.
  31. A bull-headed god with a bring next to the lion.


Location: Louvre Museum (map)


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