Counting money!

The Moneylender and his Wife (1514)
Quentin Matsys (1466–1529)
Louvre Museum (París). Font: Wikimedia Commons

Nowadays it’s not a secret that economical situation in almost all the countries is not the best of the recent history. This situation is more prominent in Europe than in America because the countries of the Northern and Central Europe are concerned about the public finances of countries such as Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Furthermore, in these countries the problem is the same inside and we are living a rise of independence movements. For example, in Spain there are going to be elections on the 25th November to choose the Catalan Parliament and it seems that the parties which want a referendum for the independence are going to win quite most. In this context, it is easy to take a look to the XVIth century and the scene painted by the Flemish Matsys. He represented the confrontation between a greed of a moneylender who is counting his gold coins and the prayers of his wife who watches everything carefully. Perhaps the moneylender is Spain and the wife represents to Catalonia nowadays, or the painting can be compared with the European situation or… However, I am sure that the wife loves her husband and the prayers and the greed will find a common place to life together.

Perhaps this painting is not a purelly mathematical scene but nobody can say that counting money has a clear mathematical encouragement. If we switch on the TV or we read the newspapers we find decreases of the economy, interest rates,…

Location: Louvre Museum in Paris (map)

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