A Math’s Lesson in London

The Math’s Lesson (c. 1845)
Unknown artist
Victoria and Albert Museum (London). Font: V&A’s web

We find the Victoria and Albert Museum opposite the Science Museum of London. The V&A is a fantastic exhibition of paintings and sculptures just in the heart of the English capital. Sometimes, people don’t look for a particular thing but this particular thing finds these people. This is the exact situation of this Math’s Lesson. It seems that the boy doesn’t know how to sum the numbers, doesn’t he?

6 4 7 1
3 7 9 2
1 5 6 9
  8 1 4
     4 6
     1 1

We can observe that the sum of the units is 1+2+9+4=16. Of course, the boy has written a 6 and he must remember 1. Tens digits total 7+9+6+1+1=24 and the boy should write 4 and conserve 2. Is it the correct sum?

Location: V&A in London (map)


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