The Cubic Houses

Piet Blom’s Cubic Houses (Rotterdam)
Font: Wikimedia Commons

The Cubic Houses (or Kubuswonig) are one of the symbols of Rotterdam. Their architect was Piet Blom (1934-1999) whose first drafts originate from 1973-1974. Three testhouses were built in Helmond in 1975 and another eighteen were built around a cultural center there in 1977:

Cubic Houses (Helmond)
Photography by Geert C. Smulders at nl.wikipedia

According to the official web page, the first drafts of the Rotterdam version were presented in 1978. The construction of the houses started in March 1982 due to financial problems and they were completed in 1984. The first presentation showed 74 cubic houses and a cultural centre next to them but the definitive version accommodated only 38 houses but also a school, shopping centres and a tower of appartaments. All the houses were sold before they were finished and are inhabited since 1984. Blom tried to create a forest by each cube representing an abstract tree. Each cube stands along its diagonal and it’s split into three levels: the lower one contains the living area, the middle level contains the sleeping area and a bathroom and the top level is used as either a living space or a bedroom.

Location: Cubic Houses at Rotterdam (map)


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