The Latvian Academy of Sciences

The Latvian Academy of SciencePhotography by Carlos Dorce

The Latvian Academy of Science
Photography by Carlos Dorce

We can see this great building from a lot of streets and squares of Riga. This old building is one of the Soviet symbols which we can see in the Latvian capital. It was built in the 1950’s and his architect Lev Rudnev used the Stalinist design to its construction.

The resolution on the construction of the building was decided by the Central Comittee of the Latvian Communist Party and the Cabinet of Ministers on 17 February 1951.  The construction was the beginning of a development plan that would transform its neighborhood near the Central Market of the city. From that decision, the Moscow government guaranteed the financing of the construction as a gift to the Baltic states. In 1958, the Academy of Sciences LSSR took possession of the building to fund the final phase of construction. Today, on the 6th floor there is the Institute of Mathematics and Latvians know this architectural aberration and propaganda as the “cake of  Stalin”.

If you want to visit it, you will talke a fast lift to the 15th floor and toy’ll be able to admire a beautiful panoramic view of Riga.

Location: LSSR in Riga (map)

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