The Labyrinth of Amiens

Cathedral of Amiens
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The cathedral of Amiens is tha tallest complete cathedral in France. According to Wikipedia, its stone-vaulted nave reaching a height of 42.30 metres (138.8 ft). It also has the greatest interior volume of any French cathedral, estimated at 200,000 cubic metres (260,000 cu yd). The cathedral was built between 1220 and c.1270 and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. Although it has lost most of its original stained glass, Amiens Cathedral is renowned for the quality and quantity of early 13th century Gothic sculpture in the main west facade and the south transept portal, and a large quantity of polychrome sculpture from later periods inside the building.

The reason why it is referred now is its maze (yesterday I began to talk about it) which represented the symbolic journey of salvation. The original maze is dated around 1288 and the modern path is a very good copy from it.

I’ve found this very beautiful picture of the maze in the net:

Maze in the cathedral of Amiens

I am sure that I am going to try to travel to Amiens to make a good picture of the maze!

Location: Cathedral of Amiens (map)

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