The Polytechnical Museum in Moscow

The Polytechnical Museum in Moscow is not the most popular museum in the Russian capital but it’s an interesting place if you love Science and Technology. I recognize that it can’t be compared with the Kremlin, the Red Square, the Pushkin Museum or other important sites located Moscow but you will have to go there if you have more than a few days to spent. It’s not very big and we find a lot of things related with the History of Technology and its applications in Russia and former U.S.S.R. There is a very complete exhibition about rockets, satellites and Space:

Exhibition about SpacePhotography by Carlos Dorce

Exhibition about Space
Photography by Carlos Dorce

Nevertheless, it’s not a very interesting place if you only look for Mathematical objects: all the Mathematics are hidden behind the technological advances so we must satisfy with a little bit more than a ruler and a compass:

Photography by Carlos Dorce

Photography by Carlos Dorce

There are some posters hung from the roof of the main stairs and in one of them we find a reference to the great Archimedes (c. 287 BC – c. 212 BC) and his famous screw:

Photography by Carlos Dorce

Photography by Carlos Dorce

Finally, in the exhibition about the Space, we find another poster with the portraits of Bruno, Galilei, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Lomonosov and Einstein who are seven of the greatest names in the History of Philosophical Astronomy:

Photography by Carlos Dorce

Photography by Carlos Dorce

I enjoyed the Museum a lot! I hope that you will be able to enjoy it too!

Location: Polytechnical Museum (map)


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