Ekaterina Dashkova

Ekaterina DashkovaPhotography by Carlos Dorce

Ekaterina Dashkova
Photography by Carlos Dorce

There is an obligatory stop if you walk along Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg: the monument to the great Caternia II the Great of Russia. This Polish Empress reigned in Russia for 34 years to the late eighteenth century and one of the reasons why it deserves some attention is her patronage of culture (see: the Russian Academy of Sciences). She had contact with people like Voltaire or Euler and before news of a recess in the publication of the Encyclopedia, Diderot offered to finish the job in Russia.

The main reason to mention her here is the appearance in this monument of Ekaterina Dashmova (1743-1810) among her most influential men of his reign: in 1783, Catherine II named her director of the Russian Academy of Science. She was philologist but this woman was one of the most important women in science in front of a great country.

Monument to Catherine II in Nevski Prospekt (Saint Petersburg)
Photography by Carlos Dorce

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