Da Vinci in Peter and Paul Fortress

Poster about the exhibitionPhotography by Carlos Dorce

Poster about the exhibition
Photography by Carlos Dorce

Last August, I was lucky for visiting an exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci inside the Peter and Paul Fortress. It’s obvious that you don’t have the aim of visiting this kind of exhibitions when you are walking through the streets of Saint Petersburg but… Leonardo needed to be visited! I bought the ticket and my visit was fast because my wife and children decided to wait for me outside. Nevertheless, the exhibition seemed very interesting to me. The “secrets of da Vinci” are more technological than mathematical but I found this delicatessen: the Archimedes screw!

Archimedes screwPhotography by Carlos Dorce

Archimedes screw
Photography by Carlos Dorce

Next to the model, the explication of the device:

The device, capable of lifting water without application of human force was known in ancient times already. For the first time such a device was described by the Greek mathematician Archimedes (287-212 years BC). Leonardo developed several advanced versions of this device. He studied the correlation between the inclination of an axis and the necessary number of spirals. Thanks to improvements by Leonardo it became possible to pump over a larger amount of water with smaller loss.

Furthermore, I met Leonardo starting to paint his famous “Last Supper” with his Vitrubius man behind him and a representation of the sacred scene opposite to him.

Characterization of Leonardo da VinciPhotography by Carlos Dorce

Characterization of Leonardo da Vinci
Photography by Carlos Dorce

I hope that this exhibition wouldn’t be temporary and everybody could enjoy it!

Location: Peter and Paul Fortress (map)

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