There is no Zero!

Poster in the Stockmann mallPhotography by Carlos Dorce

Poster in the Stockmann mall
Photography by Carlos Dorce

One of the things which surprised me a lot in my visit to The Scandinavian countries is that they call “1” to the ground floor of a building. That fact is not a problem for the mind but when I visited the popular Stockmann mall in the centre of Helsinki and I wanted to go downstairs… The floor below the floor plant is number -1! Where is 0? There is no zero!


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  1. You have to think what zero really means! How many states You have visited if the number is zero! How much money You have if You have zero money? How many wives You have if You have zero? The list could be long.

    One more, If You lived in the beginning of our history, and then did You born on year zero? The answer might be really zero, because after one year You would be one year old.

    Have great week-end!

    1. carlesdorce | Reply

      Yes! But you must agree that it’s very curious that you pass from -1 to 1 without zero! The first year of our era is year +1 and the year before is -1 also without zero! The malls of the southern countries use to call 0 to the floor plant so you have -2, -1, 0, 1, 2,… in the buttons of the elevators.
      I think that Stockmann’s numeration of the floors is very funny and interesting!

  2. Thank You. Of course I agree and understand. What comes to numerations of floors, I think that 0 floor is the same as we know “ground floor”, but we are not using it. To check ground floor in other languages it gives nice results.

    BTW, I am living on the fifth floor by the lake side. In this case we start also from the first.

    Happy blogging!

    1. carlesdorce | Reply

      In Barcelona, there are buildings which have the “ground floor” and the “Between floors” above it. Then, you can begin to count 1, 2, 3,… (so they should be 2, 3, 4,…). Moreover, old buildings have the “ground floor”, “the Principal floor”, the “Between floors” and the first, the second… As you can see, counting floors is more complicated than Arithmetic

      Have a good Sunday!

  3. Alan Arqueza | Reply

    Maybe it is an encrypted message for a hidden floor.

    1. carlesdorce | Reply

      Maybe! I’ll look for it when I visit Helsinki again!

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