Roman figures in Ufizzi Gallery

Entrance to Ufizzi GalleryPhotography by Carlos Dorce

Entrance to Ufizzi Gallery
Photography by Carlos Dorce

Yesterday we arrived at Firenze and we visited the Museum Galileo Galilei of History of Science (which I will write some posts dedicated to) and today we have visited the wonderful Ufizzi Gallery. I think that I have some mathematical pictures taken today but now I’m so tired and I have chosen the one which seems easiest to explain: the main entrance to Vasari’s Corridor in Ufizzi Gallery. You can see in the photo the Roman Figures:


Notice that the Roman 1.000 is not exactly an M and Roman 500 is not exactly a D! In fact, the Roman 500 is originally the right half part of the Roman 1.000 and these figures had different forms before the known M and D. It has been a good opportunity to remember the Roman figures to some of my students!

Location: Ufizzi Gallery (map)

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