Another globe in Madrid

Celestial globe (XVIIIth century)Photography by Carlos Dorce

Celestial globe (XVIIIth century)
Photography by Carlos Dorce

This celestial globe is in front of the mathematical box of Charles II in the Biblioteca Nacional of Madrid. It was part of the furniture of Manuel Godoy’s personal library. Manuel Godoy was the Spanish prime minister of Charles IV in the periods 1792-1797 and 1801-1808 and preseumed lover of Charles IV’s wife, Maria Luisa of Parma, so he could join a huge fortune and a lot of important possessions.

Portrait of Manuel Godoy (1790)
Francisco Bayeu
Source: Wikimedia Commons

It cannot be dated exactly because there isn’t any inscription or scientific evidence that allow to know more things about the globe.

Location: Biblioteca Nacional of Madrid (map)


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