The Museum of the History of Science (and VI)

Photography by Carlos Dorce

Photography by Carlos Dorce

A space dedicated to Herschel’s instrument is found upstairs. The picture shows a Newtonian relector by William Herschel…

famous for discovering the planet Uranus and building very large reflectors. This is a 7-ft (focal length) model, the type used in the discovery of Uranus.

There is also a large room dedicated to the History of Electricity, Magnetism, Chemistry and Medicine but I am going to finish this serie of posts here. Have you enjoyed? You must go to Oxford to be really happy.

Location: The Museum of the History of Science (map)


2 responses

  1. We have a similar telescope belonging to one of the Herschels in the School of Maths and Stats at Newcastle University, which is housed, appropriately, in the Herschel Building.

  2. carlesdorce | Reply

    Why don’t you send me a picture of it? I’d publish it here with your name.

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