Isaac Newton in the Simpsons


Isaac Newton was born in January 4, 1643 (in the Gregorian calendar) so today it’s his birthday although he was really born in December 25, 1642!

I’ve been looking for something which could celebrate this day and I’ve thought in his appearance in the chapter “The Last Temptation of Homer” of the Simpsons. Homer is visited by an angel disguised as Newton to show him what his life would be without Marge.


2 responses

  1. […] Isaac Newton in the Simpsons – Did you forget Isaac Newton’s birthday last week?  I sure did. […]

  2. carlesdorce | Reply

    Of course not! I wrote the post in December 25, and this other one (Newton in the Simpsons) in January 4. I hope that I never forget it!

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