Ten Barcelonas!

The new advertising campaign in the city of Barcelona is so numerical. The city is divided in ten districts and the first ten numbers are the stars of the new posters which are in all the streets. Enjoy them!

1. The former Barcino which is the focus of the city where the Roman ruins are together with the Mediaeval Gothic architecture, was the origin of the first district: Ciutat Vella (Old Town). Their streets and squares are an open book to the history of Barcelona.

Districte 2 L’Eixample

2. Eixample is the Modernist district! At the end of the 19th century, Barcelona was expanded in this rectangular net with their new wide streets which nowadays are the focus of the urban movement of the city.

Districte 3 Sants-Montjuïc

3. Sants-Montjuïc offers a long walk from the mountain to the sea pointing our attention in the history of the comercial Barcelona.

Districte 4 Les Corts

4. Between Diagonal, full of shops and malls, and the noise of the Camp Nou, Les Corts is a Barcelona full of gardens where you can be lost in this residential town.

Districte 5 Sarrià-Sant Gervasi

5. Old Sarrià-Sant Gervasi is the most residential district of Barcelona. It’s like a quiet town rounded by gardens and museums which ends in Tibidabo mountain.

Districte 6 Gracia

6. Gracia is the opened town to all the cultures, the urban artists, the music, the theatre ans the cinema although the people whi lives here are proud of it and its past.

Districte 7 Horta-Guinardó

7. Horta-Guinardó is the great balcony in the city. It’s full of water and the old houses and “masias” and the gardens are the treasure and the image of this richness.

Districte 8 Nou Barris

8. This different and wide district called Nou Barris (Nine Towns) is the focus of a lot of gardens and green zones to walk and enjoy its cultural life which is independent form the rest of the city.

Districte 9 Sant Andreu

9. sant Andreu is like its neighbours: characters, fight and a deep respect for its traditions. From the Tres Tombs to the Esclat and other parties, tradition is the most important thing in this old town.

Districte 10 Sant Martí

10. Beside the sea, ubiquitous chimneys welcome the Sant Martí district recalling its industrial past. An industry that has led to innovation and new technology in the district and has become the engine of the new Barcelona.

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