A plaque in the Cloth Hall in Krakow

Photography by Carlos Dorce

Photography by Carlos Dorce

In the ground floor of the Cloth Hall of Krakow there is this modern plaque (2007) designed by Czeslaw Dźwigaj and the selection of the text was made by Jerzy Wyrozumski and Alexander Kravchuk:

1257 Krakow city rights advocates by the German tradition and the situation of the market and the houses and affected courts

It was Bolesław V, “the Chaste One”, (1226–1279), Duke of Sandomierz in Lesser Poland from 1232 and High Duke of Poland from 1243 until his death, who introduced in 1257 the city rights modelled on the Magdeburg law allowing for tax benefits and new trade privileges for the citizens and this plaque was designed to conmemmorate the 750th anniversary of this moment.

The Cloth Hall is one of the most emblematic symbols of Krakow because is probably the oldest shopping mall in the World:

Source: Wikimedia Commons

It’s in the middle of the main square of Krakow and everybody visit it and buy something in the shops of the ground floor.

Photography by Carlos Dorce

Photography by Carlos Dorce

So next time that you visit Krakow look at the floor to this conmemorative plaque:

Location: The Cloth Hall in Krakow (map)

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