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This is my new book!


This 2013 which ends today is the year of the publication of my new book. It’s written in Catalan and the English title is:

History of Mathematics. From Mesopotamia to the Renaissance

I started to write it as the didactic text of the subject “History of Mathematics” which I teach in the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Barcelona but the editor thought that it was better to publish it for everybody. Now my editor is reading the second part (from the 17th century to the first half of the 19th century) of the History and it will be published before Easter (I hope!). I am very proud of it because it’s the best of all of my books and it’s a work which I really wanted to write it.

Enjoy it (if you know Catalan). If not, maybe it will be a bestseller and then it will be translated to English! (I’m joking).